Thirty years ago, I began my journey in Italy, learning how to cook from three Italian signoras. I learned a very home-style approach to cooking. With sessions in their kitchens in the mornings, lessons about the best and freshest ingredients in the markets over lunch, and dinners at different restaurants in the evenings, they shared priceless knowledge and wisdom about the country’s cuisine and culture with me.

I came back home and spent nearly a decade sharing my new-found passion, cooking in people’s homes, slowly learning the ropes of a career in the food industry.  In 1997, I finally opened my first CIBO, a modern Italian caffé-paninoteca, inspired by the mushrooming panino  places in the cities of  Milan and Rome. Since then, we have grown, proudly serving a wide range of authentic Italian dishes---antipasti, zuppe, insalate, paste, pizze, secondi piatti, dolci and bevande. We continue to thrive at many locations in the city, bringing this real, modern taste of Italy to Manila.


Italian cuisine places utmost importance on the quality of ingredients. Its vibrancy, simplicity, and freshness make up most of its appeal, thus these are the principles that we uphold. We are committed to use only the best products we can find, both locally and from Italy. Our pasta, olive oil, cheeses, flour, and coffee come from the most highly respected and iconic purveyors in Italy.  We marry these products with great harvests from our local farmers----organic greens, herbs, and vegetables like squash flowers, mangoes, strawberries and other fruit, organic chicken, crabs, shrimps and other gifts from our seas, to name a few. We always preserve the authenticity of the cuisine, and aim to showcase the best of our country with the best of the world.

We are blessed to have served you for 20 years and we look forward to many more…